Return Of

by Music On Hold

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lining the fence trying to hide the rays of the sun set his body on fire getting in motion crossing the line caught in the process fed to the lions digging their graves trying to find a path the remains of their peers a quest for a new home crossing the borders endangered lives caught in the process fed to the lions
Clay 02:50
clay i fear you in my nightmares i see you in my dreams now that the store is already closed i am afraid i will have to stay awake try not to overreact now keep up with a smile we both know these days will not last why don't you do me one last favor? i am not dead yet although i am afraid i must admit that i am weak and cannot stand straight quite terrified of all the things i will have to keep away clay i do not overreact now i do keep up with a smile but the bugs i see all day only compares the itch i scratch at night relieve me from any duty release me from this pain we both know these days will not last
do or don't if you do not really want to that decision of yours might get me away from you might get you cut in two by a fast car on the loose speed kills it's no news flat your spikes on the tires that putrid smell of yours as you rot on the road reminds me of you for once in your life you should not have cared about going where no igel dares in succeeding where every other had failed so as you lay down on the road my heart repeats what i already know and should have told you years ago i love you so and as i watch you decomposing i dream i could hold you with my claws i gaze at cars spreading the rest of your remains
Cyp's hand started to rot he nearly lost his arm that is about how close he got from being the cyborg type Youssef's wounded knee deserves better storytelling than that had they both been amputed they could have combined ain't life a drag? in the midst of it all Mathis feels like a charm his erratic behaviour indicates it will not last as we tell these tales laughter never seems to fade as if for each kick in the nuts we had a different cup the things we did the things we said they are never too clever yet for consequences we still wait and as we forget and start over you still wonder how could it possibly end in a good way ?
Bad Omen 02:31
aslept a third of our lives dreaming a fifth of that always craving for time this should have been a bad omen from the start from regulating ourselves to tight and overstreched sleepless nights and days have gradually been making a mess out of me now also from 5 to 9 awake and bored alive working under blue light that cannot be compared to Riefenstahl's old patterns erased thrown down the drain new habits emerge overshadowed by raising coffee sales and now that resting seems unsound that twilight lasts from dusk till dawn it looks like all of you could surely use a nap i will sit and stare making my best to wake you up
1:29 02:52
sick tired running out of time too late to catch the subway train it must be rooted deep in your mind it is the only thing you do 52 weekends in a row craving for your fun as lights are getting low sole bar opened after dark serves eight to ten euros a pint
Anytime 02:00
if you knew you could use it anytime well would you anytime that you need? networks made to mutualize our energetic demand leave the room and kill the light that will not be enough force fed through a powerplant at society's demand on and off at any time a stream that never strikes well wind will not blow in the night and sun will not shine in the dark still we will not turn off the light dreading for our own supplies if you have come a long way just to ask me what to do well take a guess the blame is on you
K.A.O. 02:56
i work part time and for some it is not enough that is 3 days a week 6 hours a day much too much i often catch myself thinking out loud on my way to work what is under that closed bridge that i cross? a cohort of bats hanging from the top a quiet assembly, hung ovenight when you are walking through the town does it feel quite unreal? to see friends and pals feet tied to a tree as you stop and you stare some just pass their way as if this was a product of common sense it is a rallying sign for all those who hide to be able to tell who is one and who is not i am fine with it i will join the club eight days have passed the streets are clean forests of feet flowered on trees hung to an oak the message is clear kill all others we disappeared


Music On Hold's second release on GWTW compiles both the Γ and Δ tapes, which were two small runs of limited edition tapes given away to friends during Summer 2019.


released October 10, 2019

written & recorded at home by Music On Hold in 2019


all rights reserved



Gone With The Weed Paris, France

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